Work With Me

Jo Buckman

You know how annoying it is when people finish your sentences?

I get paid to do that. Professionally. In a good way.

I turn your concepts into EXCITING STORIES. Professionally, I write about real estate, accounting, personal finance, budgeting, food branding, new products, training and development. Delving as deeply as necessary to effectively convey your desired message to your targeted audience in an engaging and memorable manner.

Off the clock, I go to the dark side to explore the stuff that nobody really seems to talks about: recovery, addiction, mental and emotional balance, SEX, relationships, etc., using my quirky spin to make it palatable.

At work: Coffee, Star Wars figures, whiteboard and laptop.

At home: Hot tea, Star Wars pajamas, furry sidekick and laptop.


Ads from $300

Treatments from $800

Short Film Scripts from $750

Feature/TV Scripts from $1500

Corporate materials from $500

Website Copy from $200

Bios/Website Materials from $200

Prices will vary according to extent of work involved.