So it’s been a while…

Oh, hi there!

WARNING: Writer trying to be productive

Glad you’re still here. Yes, I know it’s been a while, since I posted here. (The irony of providing web content creation services to clients while neglecting your own…)

I honestly expected this time to be super-productive and to come out of lockdown with a stack of hot, polished ready-to-sell scripts that would pave the way for my decades-long illustrious writing career.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to drastically lower my expectations.

Okay so not quite the pile of scripts I planned, but in between binge watching Netflix and Hulu, I haven’t been completely idle.


  1. MEDIUM – I’ve been writing a lot on Medium. You can read my stuff here. I’ll warn you – it’s a little bit uncomfortable, sometimes taboo and very racy. Not what you’d expect from me, I guess. But I’ve been getting a lot of positive and encouraging responses. The stuff I’ve written has really resonated with some people. Even if it’s not something you want to talk about at family dinners.
  2. PATREON– I would love you to be my patron on Patreon! My dream is to earn a living off my pen. A little support with this would be invaluable. Rest assured – it’s a two-way street! In return for your support, I offer you mine – help unlocking your creativity, getting your ideas flowing, maybe helping you just to do that simple thing of giving yourself permission to be creative for a few minutes each day. Being creative can be lonely. Let’s do it together!
  3. THE ARTISTS WAY – After hearing all my friends talk about this book for YEARS. I finally bit the bullet and bought it. After a few more years, took it off the shelf, dusted it off and started reading it. Now I’m doing morning pages. EVERY DAY. I’m taking myself on dates – learning how to surf, going to the beach, scuba. I’m adding fun and play to my sometimes monotonus weeks – and it’s HELPING. Ideas, blog topics, stories are starting to swirl around my head again.
  4. INSPIRING OTHERS – From my conversations with fellow creatives and what I’ve learned from “The Artists Way”, I’m pretty good at this. I like to mix a bit of practical magic, with some of the tricks and tools I picked up in my years as a copywriter – when I often had to write 20 ads a day and be creative – FAST. A huge part of actually creating for me is getting over the fear of not being good enough, letting go of the idea that everything must be instantly perfect and giving myself permission to play. And sharing it with you, helps me too.
  5. FIRST DRAFT OF A HORROR (yes it’s horrific – and not in a good way, like I said, I’m letting go of the idea of everything being instantly perfect)


  1. Do ONE complete un-assisted chin-up on my chin-up bar.

Originally I was also planning on losing 10 pounds, getting super-fit and looking like a supermodel, but since I barely leave the house anyways, there didn’t seem to be much point.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. If I’m not on here, you can find me on Medium and join me on Patreon.

What about you?